Sheriff Deputies

Below are the East Bay Township Junk, Noise and Fireworks Ordinances. If you have any questions, please call our Community Police Officer's at (231)947-3631.
Noise Ordinance
Junk Ordinance
Fireworks Ordinance

Sheriff Deputies
East Bay Township has two Sheriff Deputies that are dedicated solely to patrolling East Bay Township. The East Bay Township Community Police Officers, currently, are Deputy Matthew McKinley and Deputy Peston Taylor. The East Bay Township Community Police office is located at the fire station at 110 Highlake Rd. You can also reach them by calling 231-947-3631. Though the officers are not always in the office, due to patrolling, the township citizens can leave a message for the officers and they will get back with you at their earliest convenience. The East Bay Township officers work constantly throughout the night and day. More than likely, when a citizen in East Bay Township calls for police assistance an East Bay Township Community Police officer will be the officer that responds to the scene. This is a huge benefit because these officers become familiar with the citizens and situations that occur in the township.

These officers handle many tasks in the township like traffic policing, attending events at our local schools and they attend the East Bay Township meetings where they are readily available for questions or comments from our citizens. This is all for a common goal of making our township as safe as possible for all residents. Feel free to contact your community police officers for any reason. Whether to file a complaint, state a comment or concern, or just to say hi! Just remember, if for any reason you should have an emergency and require immediate police response, dial 911!