East Bay Ambulance

East Bay Ambulance (EBA) proudly serves East Bay Township's residents and visitors.

Currently, two ambulances in EBA's signature royal blue are active in the Township. At least one ambulance is staffed 24/7, every day of the year. Both vehicles are equipped with identical equipment and  have access to  Advanced Life Support (ALS) services on-board. One ambulance has four-wheel-drive capabilities for winter driving conditions. 

 EBA upgraded to ALS from Basic life Support in 2019. Read about the transition in the Summer 2019 Newsletter.  

East Bay Ambulance operates out of Grand Traverse Metro Fire Station #9, located at 110 High Lake Road. Feel free to  visit with us for a cup of coffee or just to have a look around. We are always excited to visit with the community, and medics will even check your blood pressure!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Station 9, which houses ambulance, fire, and CPO's, is closed to the public during the pandemic. The Township's emergency service providers look forward to re-opening to the public when it is deemed safe. Check back when the Executive Order closures are lifted. 

Thank you,
Nick Lemcool
Ambulance Director                                                 
Email: nlemcool@eastbayambulance.org

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