East Bay Ambulance

tn_ambulance_2012East Bay Ambulance is currently a Basic Life Support service that serves a majority of East Bay Township. Currently we have two ambulances that are our signature royal blue. One ambulance has four-wheel-drive capabilities for our harsh winter months. East Bay Ambulance currently partners with North Flight EMS for Advanced Life support which is why often you see a white ambulance and a blue ambulance on calls. North Flight also covers the very north part of our township with Advanced Life Support coverage.

Your ambulance is covered 24 hours a day by either someone in the station or an on-call person. We are housed in Grand Traverse Metro Fire Station #9 on High Lake Road during the day, when we are staffed overnight we are housed at Grand Traverse Metro Fire Station #1 on Industrial Circle.

Feel free to stop in and visit with us for a cup of coffee or just to have a look around! We are always willing to talk about the service we provide, we will even check your blood pressure if you need us too!

Thank you!

Nick Lemcool

Ambulance Director