East Bay Ambulance

tn_ambulance_2012East Bay EMS-9A is a Basic Life Support (BLS) service that has two ambulances that serve East Bay Township for 911 emergency services.  Our newest ambulance was welcomed in to the fleet in 2016.  Currently we have 3 full time pd staff, 3 permanent part time paid staff and supplement the schedule with 11 part paid on call staff.  Our staff consists of 6 paramedics, 10 EMTs and 1 Medical First Responder.  One of our staff is currently in Paramedic school.  Our base of operation is out of Metro Fire Station #9 on High Lake Road in East Bay Township.  We have daytime office hours seven days a week from 7:00 am till 7:00 pm.  Night time on call hours are 8:00 pm to 6:00 am, nightly.

East Bay 9A runs approximately 450 calls per year.  We partner for Advanced Life Support (ALS) services with North Flight EMS when needed.  We provide continuing education for our staff on a monthly basis and work hand in hand with the Metro Fire Department and Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department Township Community Police Officers (which also have an office at Metro Station 9).  

We participate in the “File for Life” program in our county.  Please stop by station 9 for your own “File for Life” compact folder to fill out and place on your refrigerator.  This allows access to your emergency information for first responders in the event that you are unable to communicate information to the first responding crews.  

We also participate in various activities and events in our township community on a regular basis.  We also participate with the National Cherry Festival, assisting North Flight EMS for medical coverage with all the additional people that come into town! 

Please note that during inclement weather and/ or power outages, Station 9 is staffed with personnel and generators running for your emergency needs.  We can charge phones and other electronics, provide water, limited restroom facilities etc. as needed.  In case of a major incident, all Metro Fire stations and East Bay EMS will be staffed 24 hours a day as needed.

Please feel free to stop by and say hi, get your blood pressure checked, or just bring in the kids for a visit!  We would love to see you and proudly show you our townships’ EMS service.

Tim Newton
Ambulance Operations