STR Moratorium

For further information on short-term rentals, visit the Short-term Rental page.

East Bay Township's Board approved an ordinance, Ordinance 1 of 2022, and an extension, Ordinance 2 of 2022, enacting a moratorium on short-term rentals while the Board reviews potential amendments to the 2019 short-term rental ordinance.  The moratorium ordinance is now in effect until June 22, 2023, and no short-term rental licenses will be approved during the moratorium.

The below subgroups will find the following information applicable during the moratorium.

Existing Short-term Rental Owners:

Current short-term license holders will still have the ability to operate under their current license and may re-new a license that is expiring, even during the moratorium. As always, all licenses' duration are for one-year and expire after such time. If you plan to renew, as short-term literature recommends, do so in the last remaining month(s) of your current license. Expired licenses will not be renewed during the moratorium. And, as always, licenses expire with the sale of a property, as the license does not transfer to a new owner.

Potential Short-term Rental Applicants:
Applications for new short-term rentals, or expired former licenses seeking renewal, received prior to June 22, 2022 must be complete and submitted in sufficient time for staff to review the application materials (i.e. submission on June 21 at 11:59 pm would not allow such review, though every attempt will be made to expeditiously review applications for approval or denial.) Any submitted June 22, 2022 or later will not be approved during the moratorium.

Neighboring Owners with Short-term Rental Violation Complaints:
Please visit the Short-term Rental Enforcement page and refer to the Short-term Rental Disturbance Resolution Process. Follow this for resolution and important documentation.