Absentee Voting

You never have to miss an election!

ELIGIBILITY:  Any registered voter is eligible to obtain an absentee ballot for an upcoming election.

A voter who wishes to receive an absentee ballot must reguest it in writing  from the clerk; absentee ballots may not be delivered as a result of an oral request made in person or over the phone. However, an absentee ballot application form may be provided as a result of an oral request.

The written request may be on a form supplied by the clerk or from the Secratary of State's website, in a letter or on a postcard. The written request must include the applicant's signature and registration address. Applications for absent voter ballots may be received by hand, via postal mail, fax or email, as long as the voter's signature is visible.

If you have any questions you can contact the clerk's office one of these three ways:

  1. Call 231-947-8647
  2. email us for an application at hmacarthur@eastbaytwp.org  or scourtade@eastbaytwp.org
  3. Click here  for an application you print, then fill out and mail, email or fax to us*(*PDF Format Adobe Acrobat-Reader Required)

We have a growing list of permanent absentee voters. Let us know If you would like your name added to the list. Residents on the Permanent Absent Voter list will automatically receive an Absentee Voter  Ballot Application  form before every election held in East Bay Charter Township.