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East Bay Brings Home Four Awards

The Grand Traverse County Chapter of Michigan Townships Association held its Annual Awards Banquet on Thursday, November 5, 2021. East Bay Township, its appointed officials, and citizens brought home four awards!

Certificates of Appreciation are awarded to individuals nominated by their local unit of government for outstanding work.  Recipients were:

  1. Robb Tubbs- Planning Commissioner of 15 years, Chair of the Commission for 12 years, Robb Tubbs recently retired from the East Bay Township Planning Commission.
  2. Ted Hentschel- Planning Commissioner and Zoning Board of Appeal Member for over 25 years, Ted Hentschel recently retired from the East Bay Township Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.
  3. Steve & Carol Shuckra- Citizens who worked with the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and the Rotary Foundation, raised and pledged $270,000 for the conservation of 80 acres of Boardman River Watershed.

The Municipal Excellence Award is a new category of award which recognizes innovative problem solving and collaboration. Grand Traverse County Road Commission and East Bay Township were awarded a Municipal Excellence Award for the the seamless joint project which merged road and utility projects with placemaking.

Congratulations to all the award winners! Blair, Long Lake, and Grand Traverse County also were awarded; the Roger Williams Planner Award recipient was Chris Kushman, TART's Trail Planning & Management Director; the prestigious Frank Purvis Stewardship Award recipient was Dr. Norm Fred who founded the Boardman River Clean Sweep program.