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Welcome to the Assessing Department 

The Assessing Department is responsible for estimating the market value of taxable properties in East Bay Charter Township. The Assessing Department strives to be as accurate and efficient as possible to have the optimal impact of government costs upon property owners.

Michigan Constitution and property tax law requires that all property be uniformly assessed at no more than 50% of true cash value,  the cash price a property has in a competitive open market.

General Property Tax Act [MCL211.1] requires real and personal property to be assessed annually by a certified assessing officer. The assessment roll must include the name and address of every person subject to taxation in the municipality. The roll must also contain a full property description, including the number of acres. 

The Assessing Department is required to maintain assessing records, which includes annual assessments, taxable values, maintenance of owner and taxpayer name and address, legal descriptions and homestead information for each property in the township. Inspections of properties will be made to continually develop accurate assessing records. 

There are various reasons that your assessed and taxable values can increase. An assessed value can increase if improvements are made to the property, or if the general market increases. Taxable values are capped at the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is less, unless there are new improvements made to the property.

On October 26th, 2005, East Bay Charter Township contracted the Grand Traverse County Equalization to become the Township's registered assessor to help update property assessment information. Our staff will continue to be in the field to measure structures and update photos. 

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Assessing Department Contact Info

Susan Karakos

Senior Appraiser, MAAO 

Darren DargeDarren Darge
Senior Appraiser, MAAO
Spring 2022, Grand Traverse County and East Bay Township welcomed Darren Darge to the East Bay Township Assessing Department. Darren relocated to the Grand Traverse area from Auburn Hills.

James D. Baker
Equalization Director, Grand Traverse County,  MMAO (4)
Assessor of Record, East Bay Charter Township