STR Enforcement

Short-term Rental Ordinance

Short-term Rental Disturbance Resolution Process

If there is an issue with activity at a short-term rental near you, please follow these progressive steps for resolution and documentation, which is critical to any potential enforcement:

  1. Directly contact the property owner or local agent if you have been previously provided the information from the property owner.
  2. Document the disturbance by calling and leaving a message at the Short-term Rental Support Line at (231) 947-8681 ext. 1 or by sending an online message through the Violation Complaint Form.
  3. Contact East Bay Charter Township Community Police Officers non-emergent line at (231) 947-3631. This is a voicemail number and CPO's receive messages when they are at the station or on-duty through their email. There are times there is no township CPO on duty, if disturbance persists, do not wait for a CPO to call back. Move on to step 4.
  4. Contact Grand Traverse County's non-emergent Central Dispatch line at (231) 922-4550.
Documenting your steps of this resolution process is important for successful enforcement. Write down the day/time/activity that is occurring and who you contacted and how. Provide this information to the Planning & Zoning Office or to the Community Police Officers. 

As always, in case of emergencies, call 911.