Short-term Rentals

Short-Term Rental Licensing Ordinance
Short-Term Rental Licensing Ordinance No. 3 of 2023, a Short-Term Rental (STR) Licensing Ordinance, was approved by the Board of Trustees on July 10, 2023. This ordinance repeals and replaces the previous Short-Term Rental Ordinance 5 of 2019, and the Moratorium Ordinance 1 of 2022, Ordinance 2 of 2022, & Ordinance 2 of 2023.  A Short-Term Rental License is required to advertise and operate a Short-Term Rental in East Bay Township. Based on the Township short-term rental license cap set by the Board of Trustees there are currently no available licenses at this time. The Planning and Zoning Department will publish a notice of newly available licenses on an annual basis as they become available. 

How to Apply for and Renew a Short-Term Rental License

1. Applying for a Short-Term Rental License
All property owners who wish to operate a Short-Term Rental in East Bay Township must first obtain a STR License. This step-by-step guide will help you quickly submit an application online. All licenses and renewals are $400.

2. Renewing a Short-Term Rental License
Each Short-Term Rental License has a duration of one year. The deadline for renewal is November 1 each year. License renewals can be processed 30 days prior to the application deadline. Every license is eligible to be renewed, and this guide will walk through this process. 

    • Step 1: Review all your original application materials and locate your current Short-Term Rental License number. You will need your current license number to move on with the renewal process. If you are unable to locate your license number, contact the Planning and Zoning Department.
    • Step 2: Update any documents with new or changed information.  This may include changes to the structure of your home or an updated septic report (remember, the license requirements need you to check your septic every 3 years).
    • Step 3: Attach the requested documentation in the Short-term Rental Application Portal, being sure to include any updated documents. The requested documents are the same as the initial license application. Click here to access the portal.

Difficulty with a Short-term Rental?
If you are experiencing a disturbance from a neighboring short-term rental, documentation is important to any future or potential enforcement. Please see the "STR Enforcement" tab and follow the steps. Depending on the problem, day, or time, each step either offers a method of resolution or assists with important documentation. 


If you have any questions, please visit the Planning & Zoning Department, which operates the short-term rental licensing program and related enforcement. The Department may be reached by phone at (231) 947-8681 ex. 1 or via email.

Visit the Township Hall at 1965 N. Three Mile Road or, for guaranteed availability, schedule an appointment ahead of time through phone or email.