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Board of Review Opening
East Bay Township is seeking individuals interested in serving as a member on the Board of Review. The Board of Review is a panel of three citizens from the community, along with two alternate members.

The Board of Review meets three times each year, March, July and December. The March Board of Review involves listening to property tax protests and generally requires a commitment of at least three days. July and December Board of Reviews are completed in less than one day each.

For more information, click HERE
Short-Term Rental Licensing Ordinance
The East Bay Charter Township Board of Trustees approved a Short-Term Rental Licensing Ordinance, along with an accompanying code reference in the Zoning Ordinance, at its June 11, 2018 meeting. While the ordinance took "legal effect" on June 21, 2018, it will not go into "operational effect" until the Board of Trustees approves the associated fees, application, and application timetable. The Township is researching firms which aid in the implementation of the ordinance, as well as 24/7/365 complaint receipt and resolution services.     
It is anticipated that applications will start being accepted sometime in September with an initial compliance deadline of December 31st.   
The principal geographic limitation of the ordinance relates to dwellings located in subdivisions and condominium developments where the covenants and restrictions or the master deed and bylaws limit uses to single-family residential.  A complete copy of the approved ordinance may be accessed HERE.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Planning & Zoning at 231-947-8681 or via email at rbrown@eastbaytwp.org or lcouturier@eastbaytwp.org.
BATA Launches New Bayline Bus Route

Starting June 25, 2018 residents and visitors in East Bay Township’s Beach District can hop on BATA’s new Bayline bus route and ride free directly to and from downtown Traverse City. This new route will operate from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. seven days week and buses will run about every 15 minutes for minimal wait time.  More information on the Bayline can be found at www.bata.net or by calling BATA Customer Service at 231-941-2324.

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